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[About Panxian No.2 High School]


Founded in 1958, Panxian No.2 High School is located by Sanyi Creek in the southern suburbs of Chengguan Town, Pan County, adjacent to the scenic Biyun Park. It is a provincial-level model senior high school of outstanding education achievements with an elegant environment, a complete set of equipment, abundant competent teachers, positive school climate and standard management. With a campus coverage of 227 mu and the building area of 120,000 m2, the school has established 3 teaching buildings, 1 multiple-use building, 8 students’ dormitory buildings, 2 logistics service center buildings, capable of accommodating to more than 5,600 students; 6 special-purpose laboratory classrooms, 21 physical-chemical-biological laboratories meeting the National Class-I Standard and 4 professional tutoring classrooms for the Olympiads equipped with the most advanced Olympiads’ experiment devices; two sets of general technology classrooms (totally 4 rooms); 4 music studios, 4 art studios and 4 technology work studios; 10 most sophisticated psychological counseling and guidance centers in China; 1 set of China’ most advanced recording rooms and 1 set of the teacher and student activity rooms. The school boasts more than 240,000 books, 240,000 e-books and 350 kinds of newspapers and magazines. All classrooms are modernized and multi-media equipped. There is a plastic sports ground with 300 m in perimeter and a football field, 6 basketball courts, 3 volleyball courts and 40 table tennis tables. The sports ground is equipped with corresponding sports equipment, meeting the goal to standardize the teaching equipment.

We are an independent senior high school with more than 6,600 students distributed in 90 teaching classes and over 400 teaching staff, including 2 national outstanding teachers, 1 national virtue individual paragon, 1 famous headmaster in Guizhou, 1 famous teacher in Guizhou, 1 city-level famous teacher, 4 county-level famous teacher, 5 provincial-level backbone teachers, 23 city-level backbone teachers and 34 county-level backbone teachers. Guided by the school motto of “responsibility, integrity and erudition”, we have been committed to putting moral education at the first and pursing survival through high quality and thriving through well management in order to highlight the characteristics of the No.2 High School. We are the first school establishing a symphony orchestra and Chinese orchestra in Liupanshui City. Panxian No.2 High School has been ranked among one of the best schools in Guizhou Province since 2006 when it was developed as a provincial-level model senior high school. From 2006 to 2015, our school saw 22 students enrolled by the Peking University and Tsinghua University. In 2012, Panxian No.2 High School was awarded by the Ministry of Education as the Student Enrollment Base for National Key Universities, namely “Project 211” universities.

Under the care of leaders at all levels, Panxian No.2 High School has strengthened teaching management and achieved fruitful school running results through the hard efforts joint made by all teachers and students. The school has been awarded many honors, including the Outstanding Contribution Award in AIDS Prevention and Control granted by the UNAIDS, National Advanced Group in Teachers’ Morality, Advanced Group in the National Educational System, the Advanced Composition Teaching Unit rated by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League, China’s Famous School Experimental Base rated by the Chinese Foundation for Teacher Development, Provincial Advanced Primary Party Organization in Creating Excellence rated by the development team of Guizhou Party Committee, Advanced Group in Teenager Science and Technology Education in Guizhou Province, Class-II Provincial-Level Model Senior High School in Guizhou Province, Guizhou Excellent School in Quality-Oriented Education, Guizhou Excellent Primary Party Organization with Good Performance in Leadership, Party Members, Activity Launch, System Building and Role Playing, Guizhou Advanced Group in Citizen Defense Education, Guizhou Model School in School-based Research and Studies and Guizhou Advanced Poem Teaching Unit. The school canteen is awarded Guizhou Level-A Sanitation Condition Unit and Level-A Unit in Quantity Classification of Food Safety in Dining Services granted by Guizhou Food and Drug Administration. Other honors include: Guizhou Demonstration School in Popularizing High School Experimental Teaching granted by Guizhou Office of Education, Organization Award in the 2nd Chinese Poetry Competition of Colleges and High Schools in Guizhou Province, Excellent Organization Award of Wonderful Motherland and Beautiful Hometown Poetry Competition of High, Middle and Primary Schools in Guizhou Province rated by the Publicity Department and Civilization Office of the provincial Party Committee, Employee Study licensed by Guizhou Federation of Trade Unions, Advanced Group granted by the Provincial Educational Equipment Management Centre, Municipal Pioneering and Excellent Primary Party Organization rated by Liupanshui Municipal Party Committee, 2014 Municipal Advanced Group in Education Work granted by Liupanshui Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, Advanced Teaching Staff’s Home granted by Liupanshui Federation of Trade Union and the Military and Civilian Jointly Established Unit granted by the Municipal Double Support Leadership Group. As the teaching quality ranks first throughout the city for nine consecutive years, Panxian No.2 High School is an excellent school for which students and parents are longing with beautiful environment, first-rate quality and schooling characteristics, playing a modeling role in Pan County and even throughout Liupanshui City.